Decking Beam Racks

The right tool for the job.

When beams are not being used (are not installed in the truck), it is advantageous to store them in our racks.

The benefits include:

  • Protects critical moving parts (the ends)
  • Maximizes beam life
  • Ergonomically beneficial
  • Promotes safety and organization in the warehouse
  • Instant visual beam count enables effective asset tracking
  • Convenient 4-way forklift access
  • Provides mobility in your warehouse
  • Organizes beam transportation for 1-way moves
  • Reduces labor costs associated with beam handling

Each Rack holds 84 beams. Collapsed height is 13.25 inches. Racks stack loaded or empty.

If your operation already employs decking beams, our racks can get you organized and safety compliant.

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