Logistics Post Trailers

Dry vans outfitted with vertical logistics posts are key to our load optimization strategies.  Fortunately, there are thousands of these trailers already in service on the road today.  Every trailer company makes them and most carriers buy them because they have some demand and the cost to install these tracks at manufacture is minimal, generally around 3% of the new trailer cost.

Truckload carriers have Logistics Post equipped trailers in their fleets that go unused every day.  Since the posts are recessed in the walls, regular floor loads are not impeded by them.  The trailers are used regularly whether or not decking beams are utilized.

Logistics Posts can be rated differently and vertically spaced differently within trailers.  Developing a safe loading strategy is dependent on understanding these variables.  We can help with that.



Decking Beams

Decking Beams (a.k.a. Load Bars, Logistics Bars, or E-Track Load Bars) installed in Logistics Post trailers provide a safe method of stacking pallets for transport.  The beams are made of aluminum and span the width of the trailer.  The ends lock into the slots in the posts.  When properly located, they make a new “deck” or “floor” for stacking.  It is very similar to putting pallet racking in a truck where the logistics posts act as the uprights.   The beams are engineered with slider mechanisms on each end to fit and accommodate the rocking motion of the truck going down the road.


Beam and Post Solutions

“Do Not Stack”?  Make it stack!  The entire cube of the trailer is already paid for!  Get the most out of every move!

Use the Beam and Post loading solution to make multiple levels.


Note:  Installing decking beams is one factor, but other factors must be considered for safety and load security.  Your product may require additional strapping, boards, load locks, or other equipment as part of the solution. Also, each pallet and each load must take the Center of Gravity into consideration as part of developing a loading strategy.  Put our experience to work for you.