The Big Question….

If there are so many Logistics Post trailers available nationwide everyday, and stacking using decking beams is such a solid practice, then why are there so few shippers taking advantage of this tactic?

Here’s our answer list as we see it:

Issue #1.  Awareness. We find that the concept of utilizing decking beams to improve load factor is new to a lot of people we talk to.                             In fact, decking beams and other loading equipment have proven safe and effective by trucking companies for years.  Carriers                     are focused on trailer utilization.  It is a key metric for their profitability and loss prevention.

Issue #2.  Effective Beam Management.  Beams can be very useful when needed but very cumbersome when not needed.                                              Carriers will generally not carry beams around “in case” they are needed because they occupy space in the trailer and they                            could increase the risk of damaging other freight when not properly stowed.  Our solution is that we place beams                                            where they are needed when they are needed there.

Issue #3.  Need for Collaboration.  There are significant dollars to be saved by reducing trucks.  Whether your savings opportunities are                      internal company moves or external between your customers or suppliers, there is a loading party at one site and an unloading                    party at another site that need to be on the same page.  Be prepared to collaborate and provide  training and incentive to                              material handlers for a successful program.  We can help with that.



Getting Started

Identify your “low hanging fruit” opportunities.  These are your high volume commodities that you would not normally stack in transit due to risk of damage.

How much money could be saved if you were able to reduce loads through better load factor?

Once you identify shipping lanes where transportation costs can be significantly reduced by stacking, contact us to devise a company specific decking beam management program that makes these savings possible today.


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